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Bingo Hall has a 91.2% payout rate. As a loyal player, you will get a 500% deposit bonus and enter a daily drawing for exclusive cash & prizes like this: "WIN a 75" Samsung CURVED TV"

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From: Shawn Turner, Ambassador
Latest Review: July 2018
Location: Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Hi, my name is Shawn Turner and for several years I have been an ambassador for Bingo Hall, which first launched in 2002. In fact, after the FIRST year of promoting special offers, Bingo Hall had to renegotiate our agreement as the high-demand million dollar player’s club promotion cap was reached very quickly. Through sophisticated tracking, I have witnessed hundreds of people win far more than you would playing Vegas cazino games.

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If We Haven't Proved To You Already That Playing At Bingo Hall Is A No Brainer, Then Consider The Following FACTS!

Bingo Hall is rated as a top online gambling platform built and maintained with the latest technology approved by the U.S.A, Canada and European gambling commission designed to give you a premium gaming experience for gambling enthusiasts worldwide.

Whether it's your first time stopping by or if you've been a loyal member for years, we believe there's something special here for everyone!

Bingo Hall has grown to excellence, serving thousands of players daily and we take pride in providing you with a genuine experience. Our motto is “Home Sweet Hall” bringing you reliable online betting games, contest, cash, and prizes that you will love! Make yourself at home and share this page with your neighbor! With the most advanced technology on the internet today you can even play “live” bingo and video poker games 24/7; how’s that for a relaxed day at home?

That’s right! You can play at Bingo Hall on the internet using flash technology, or simply download the full version software to your computer to play in stellar 3-D features. No matter what software you play there will be a point and click pre-purchase option and live chats available with support and players from around the world so you will never miss a game and have access to a like-minded community. Our chat rooms are always open and filled with opportunity to bring your dreams to life, make a new friend and win special prizes and real cash! With daily promotions, REAL cash & prizes and the option to play a variety of bingo games, video poker or slots games, what more can you ask for!!! Your enjoyment is guaranteed when you choose us!

Bingo Hall, the premium bonus giving online gambling site with special promotions that are so high-demand that they may not be available tomorrow. We are recognized by the Gambling Commission as one the best and highest-paying membership sites, period.

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In fact, we reward our current members MORE and BETTER cash & prizes than any other site in the world. And you can hear it straight from some of our long-term members:

We offer a LARGE LIST of Bingo Rooms, Pull Tabs, Slots Games, Keno, Video Poker and over 300 ways to win bingo! Make sure you pay attention to the incredible progressive jackpots at stake!

Here’s a few examples of what we offer…

The TOP four bingo games are Candy Bingo, Beach Blanket Bingo, Cuckoos Nest and Funny Farm Bingo. These games provide bright, energetic colors and an interactive community nationwide. Recently, a middle-aged stay at home mom won a JACKPOT of $55,000 playing Cuckoos Nest Bingo. Simply put, fun is guaranteed and winning is easy!

Now, BingoHall offers more than 80 slots games


But.. MY favorite is Trolling for Treasure…


Trolling For Treasure: Experience this fun-filled island, listen to the birds and seagulls sing beautifully, select bonus credits available in all treasure chest! This slots game is easy, fun and relaxing to play. 3 trolling for treasures take you to an exclusive island where you pick your treasure chest and 3 scatters wins you the scatter awards.

Want the odds for Pull Tab games with the BEST graphics? At Bingo Hall we have many! You might get abducted by aliens in Alien Encouter, hit a Hole In One for the JACKPOT or go treasure hunting in Pirates Cove. Gold dig in Gold Rush or try The Ol West with it’s magnificent sunset. Either way, it’s guaranteed that you will have a blast!

Bingo Hall provides a REAL and INTERACTIVE experience in online video poker! With so much variety of poker games to choose from, take your pick, go from Double Bonus to Deuces Wild you’ll hit hit a Royal Flush at some point. Go ahead, Deal and Bet, winning is that easy!

Play Classic Keno, this game is also fun and EASY to play! Simply choose your numbers, play them as many times you’d like by selecting a number of rounds. This game is enjoyable on a sophisticated and smooth customizable background. So YES this game is pretty and straight forward. Just… Sit back, relax and play!

Whew… Ok, so many options I know….

But I wanted to make sure you knew the value and satisfactory we give our gamers on a consistent basis.

Get This $50 Sign-up Bonus And Receive 500% On Your Initial Deposit, We Guarantee Excellent Services And The Potential For Every Member To Hit BINGO Or A JACKPOT And Win Big!

As a member, Bingo Hall offers countless promotions, $1,000 Jackpot games hourly, and sometimes $10,000 daily jackpot games. Each one of our special games have one or more winners, these promotions MUST GO! There are many loyal player rewards to earn extra cash, games with multi-winners share the prize money evenly. If it’s a prize to be won each player will claim 1 prize.

WE PAY PLAYERS FAST! Our customer service agents are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, upon verification, payouts are processed immediately, so you will NEVER wait for your money. We are also available to answer all questions or concerns you may have while playing at Bingo Hall.

If you’ve read this far and still curious, let me guess you have already played other  online cazino games and you still have doubts?

Did I guess right?

You have to be careful and make sure that the casinos you play at are regulated. As I mentioned earlier Bingo Hall is recognized by the USA, Canada, and the UK Gambling Commission. I can guarantee you that we offer the BEST customer service in the industry and have never had issues with paying people on time.

(crossout and eliminate other casinos with graphics).

Before being a loyal player and ambassador for Bingo Hall I played at Planet 7 Casino and promoted their games. Needless to say, I lost a lot of respect for them, out of 120 players I referred to them only 2 won a mini jackpot. That was a few years ago, and it took 8 months for those players to receive their cash prizes…

In Order To Keep The Online Gambling Community Secured We Encourage Responsible Gambling & Timely Payouts To All Players, Especially In The U.S.A!


I’m telling you, Bingo Hall is the ONLY online casino you should play at, but you must be responsible!

We pride ourselves on giving you a comprehensive understanding of both the positive and the negative aspects of online gambling, just to be sure that our players are making the right decisions always. Online gambling is a privilege while being highly rewarding and entertaining for people all over the world, we do acknowledge that gambling may be an issue for some people.

Bingo Hall encourages responsible gaming and we value all players. First, understand your motives to play online games before enjoying them to their fullest. The more you know about the benefits and risk, the easier it will be for you to consider the repercussions of your gaming, both good and bad.

yes let me in

This Is Why You Will Love Bingo Hall For Years To Come!

Like land-based casinos, most online gambling establishments have an average active membership retention rate of 3-4 months, at Bingo Hall, we have members that have been with us since day 1. That’s over 15 YEARS, not months!

Not everyone has stayed that long. Some stay for 2 months, some stay for 4 years.

So, what’s the reason for the big gap in the retention? Why do some players stay longer than others?

You guessed it! The members that stick with us are responsible and have won JACKPOTS themselves. They know how to pace themselves, and understand the two factors of gambling.

You win some and you lose some… Keep at it!

I mean, I’ve seen a player win the supernova jackpot of over $356,000 in 1 single spin; now this may clearly be the luck of a draw or someone who has a betting system they’ve honed. A gambling strategy, if you will, loyal players develop that works almost everytime.

Alright, now… Why did I tell you all of this?

(promotion Image to the left side alignment) As the headline at the top of this page states, Bingo Hall plays a BIG part of an industry that’s expected to grow beyond 18 BILLION DOLLARS! Especially with robots, auto systems, and microchips taking over a lot of jobs, we want to give you the opportunity to live financially free!

With tons of your favorite casino games organized in a sophisticated fashion, the BEST customer service in the industry, $50 free play without a deposit and a 500% deposit bonus should be a no-brainer for you to get started right away.

Mark my words

Online gambling will produce more millionaires quicker than any industry in the next few years! You should be a MILLIONAIRE too!

When you get going, you’ll learn why Bingo Hall members have been with us since the beginning. Once logged in, join a Bingo or slots game and you’ll be able to interact with other members who will let you know what games and techniques they are doing to get the most from their Bingo Hall membership.

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Over the past 15 years, Bingo Hall has risen from a small niche to become the most satisfactory online gambling game in the world today. Millions of players from all over the world login daily to play for REAL MONEY, and enjoy the thrill. The reason for the huge amount of players at Bingo Hall is because of our low edge, having a 91.2% payout rate, making us more reputable than a land-based casino.

So, what are the BEST benefits for our members, then? Check out this list of the top 10 reasons why Bingo Hall has enjoyed astronomical success and you’ll see what gives an edge over others:


  • 1. Convenience: Well, obviously, the #1 reason people started online gambling is that technology had finally allowed the convenience. With the internet, you can gamble from home, on your desktop, laptop, tablet, phone or anywhere that has internet access no matter what time or day or night it might be. You can use your pass time with a game of Bingo, or rack up your bank account with a slots game session. Play by yourself, or join a community.
  • 2. Free Casino Games: Unlike most online casinos, at BingoHall you do not need to make a deposit to play our games. We offer a free play version of most games. The BEST part about playing our games this way is they are RISK-FREE. We are a stable casino and want you to get a grip on what you are doing before making a deposit, however, while in the free version you cannot withdraw any winnings. Land-based casinos cannot offer you free play without a deposit and have limited playing machines. Online gambling at BingoHall can handle an infinite amount of players at once so we do not face this same issue.
  • 3. Up To 500% Bonus Structure: One of the BEST benefit’s is the bonus structure. Once you are doing trying out the games risk-free, and are ready to make a deposit we will give you a 500% deposit bonus. We include a No Deposit Bonus and Deposit Match Bonuses which usually range from around $100 up to $3,000. In Vegas, players usually spend their own money with no such perks.
  • 4. Loyalty Program: A loyalty structure is the MOST beneficial online gambling benefit, as our program rewards players with daily, weekly, seasonal, holiday and monthly bingo, video poker and slots promotions that aren’t based on the amount you win or spend, but for your loyalty to BingHall. Land-based casinos only tend to offer comps to players that spend tons of money, which usually comes in the form of dinner, drinks or hotel rooms. Again, the super jackpots are proof that BingoHall’s benefits completely outweigh those as if you were playing at a land based gambling establishment.
  • 5. Deposit Options: Land-based casinos only accept a limited amount of payment options and they also charge high withdraw rates. BingoHall is able to accept a large range of payment options. Although you can’t “technically” use cash, there’s now an eVoucher system that allows you to purchase payment vouchers, which retains all of the security and anonymity that you have when using cash. You may also choose from credit or debit card, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Ukash and much, much more…
  • 6. 100’s of Games: Despites land-based casinos being large and having many games, ultimately they are still limited. On the other hand, at BingoHall there’s NO LIMITATION, the game selections are BIGGER and BETTER. We offer hundreds of the latest and greatest games, including all of your classic favorites and even new ones that were developed by the latest IGT technology.
  • 7. Bet Sizes: At your local casino, there’s a tight restriction on minimum and maximum bets that are set by the machine designer and the casino. The main reason is security because the overhead at a land-based casino is usually HIGH to cover the cost of business. BingoHall, on the other hand, has the advantage of being cheaper to run, therefore, there are more wagering options. This is amazing, no matter how much or how little money someone has you can play in the same space, even the same game but with a different bet and jackpot sizes.
  • 8. Comfort: Being a member at BingoHall offers freedom and flexibility, making your online gambling experience comfortable. Play whenever you want, you don’t have to follow codes and regulations enforced by a land-based casino. For example, sit at home in your pajamas while taking your chances at a jackpot!
  • 9. Value for Money: This is an obvious reason to play at BingoHall, but most people don’t think about it. To visit a land-based casino you have to get to one, which takes a lot of time and money depending on where you live at. BingoHall is accessible 24/7 and doesn't cost a penny to access. Land based-casinos also have a house edge, which means you are less likely to win than you are at BingoHall. Online gambling is far better value for money because you will get more back for what you spend.
  • 10. Global Access: Last, but not lease another benefit you should consider is that you get the opportunity to play and compete with other players from around the world. This is an exciting and interesting way to network. For instance, at BingoHall you can enjoy a game of Bingo against individuals from different countries and cultures. A great way to make new friends without leaving your home.

You can see that the online gambling industry is well on it’s way at becoming the go-to route for gambling. Perhaps land-based casinos will be out of style in the next 5 years or so…

Obviously This Promotion Will Not Be Around Much Longer, So Be Sure To Take Advantage Of This Exclusive Offer And Share The News With Your Friends And Family… Test Your Luck Right Now!

Warning: This Offer Expires On (today’s date counter) At Midnight!


It’s a no-brainer to start playing at Bingo Hall and for a very limited time, I want to give you this promotion!

So, when you sign-up for a Bingo Hall membership, you’re going to get access to an entire database full of Bingo, Slot Machine, Pull Tabs, and Video Poker games!

I already went over the massive amount of benefits and games included in your sign-up for Bingo Hall throughout this content, but in a nutshell, here it is one more time.


If at any time before you have used your promotion, you decide that you want to make a deposit that’s great, if you still want to give the system a try before making a deposit, do nothing besides download the software onto your computer or device to enjoy!

You can cancel your account or make a deposit at any time by chatting with our live agents who are available for 24 hours of support. We ONLY want members that want to take advantage of the enormous amount of cash and prizes that you can win on a daily basis.

Yes, I realize that this is an unbelievable offer that will lead to a few people ripping us off, but this promotion wasn’t created for those people. It was created for that 95% of people that are serious about online gambling and the potential to win a dream vacation and financial freedom.

With that said, we are willing to deal with the 5% of scammers out there, in order to help the “good guys and girls”.

If you are serious about NOT leaving your home to get ripped off by land-based casinos with their high house edges, get this promotion while it’s still available because I honestly can’t promise we will keep this offer so low for much longer.



Bingo Hall has 100’s of members that have been playing since 2002. 95% of new sign-ups stay active for at least 3-4 months. The average payout ratio in the US, Canada, and the UK is one of the highest in the industry with a 91.2% payout ratio, our house edge is currently ONLY 7.3%. Meaning, that for every dollar you spend we only earn 7.3 cents. So… Eventually, YOU will win a jackpot that’s worth at least $1,000’s of dollars.

Yes! Shawn, I want the exclusive Bingo Hall promotion and have access to a like-minded community of gamblers like myself! I’m extremely excited for this offer to “leverage my share in the supernova jackpot” and cash in big-time.

I realize that I’m receiving this limited promotion completely FREE knowing that it’s limited and I’m I’m not serious about online gambling, then I am preventing someone else from this amazing opportunity.

If for some reason I win a huge amount of money, and gambling becomes to addictive that I am a responsible gambler; If I decide that a membership at Bingo Hall isn’t for me, I can cancel at any time by contacting the 24-hour support desk.

See you in the member’s area!

All the best,

Shawn Turner

Bingo Hall Ambassador, Digital Marketer & Activist.


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Disclosure: This is a professional ambassadors site that educates gamblers about the latest news in the industry. We've tested these sites and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are from us and not the company.

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